City Chancellery (Stadtkanzlei)

The City Chancellery is the central contact point for the City Council, the Municipal Council and is responsible for the proper conduct of elections and votes. The Residents' Registration Office, the Burial Office and the Arbitration Authority for Tenancy Matters are also part of the City Chancellery.

Opening hours

Monday to Wednesday08.30-11.30 h13.30-17.00 h
Thursday08.30-11.30 h13.30-18.00 h
Friday08.30-11.30 h13.30-16.00 h

Divisions and Services

Your contact

Michael Stahl
Janine Benz
Leiterin Dienste Kanzlei
Tatiana Abate
Sachbearbeiterin Stadtkanzlei
Stefanie Frey
Sachbearbeiterin Stadtkanzlei / Weibelin
Sandy Hiller
Sachbearbeiterin Einb√ľrgerungswesen