Kreuzlingen Fire Brigade (Feuerwehr Kreuzlingen)

The Kreuzlingen Fire Brigade, together with the Civil Defence Organisation, is responsible for the safety of the population and is called out in the event of major incidents or disasters.
Fire Brigade in action
Symbolic Picture
Fire Brigade in action
Symbolic Picture

The Kreuzlingen Fire Brigade is run as a militia system with around 130 active members and 20 vehicles. Its core task is to intervene in fires, natural disasters, explosions, accidents or NBC incidents to protect people, animals, the environment and property. It also provides the fire service for the municipality of Bottighofen. In addition, it is responsible for the A7 motorway from the joint customs facility (GZA) to Müllheim and the section from Sonterswil to GZA.

As the lake oil defence base, the Kreuzlingen Fire Brigade is responsible for the Upper Lake and the Lower Lake in addition to the Steckborn and Romanshorn Fire Brigades and the cantonal oil defence base. It is also the base Fire Brigade for the communities of Altnau, Bottighofen, Ermatingen, Güttingen, Kemmental, Langrickenbach, Lengwil, Münsterlingen, Tägerwilen and Wäldi. 

Location of Rosenegg depot: Bärenstrasse 10, Kreuzlingen

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