Legal Guardianship Service (Gesetzlicher Betreuungsdienst (GBD))

The Legal Guardianship Service (GBD), also known as the Professional Guardianship Service, works on behalf of the Child and Adult Protection Authority (KESB).

Opening hours

Monday and Tuesday09.00-11.00 hclosed
Wednesdayclosed14.00-16.00 h
Thursday and Friday09.00-11.00 hclosed
Monday and Tuesday08.30-11.30 h14.00-17.00 h
Wednesday10.00-11.30 h14.00-17.00 h
Thursday08.30-11.30 h14.00-17.00 h
Friday08.30-11.30 h14.00-16.00 h

It looks after adults, children and adolescents for whom a guardianship has been established. In order to establish an adult or child protection measure, the KESB first clarifies the need for protection and assistance. The KESB issues individual orders to the guardian for accompaniment, advice and representation. The KESB accepts applications for the establishment of measures.

Your contact

Michaela Jäger Feldmann
Leiterin Gesetzlicher Betreuungsdienst
Markus Aschwanden
Berufsbeistand / Stv. Leiter GBD
Nicole Bohnenberger
Christoph Mosimann
Claudia Reutimann
Michael Steinemann