Report move

Anyone moving to Kreuzlingen must register with the Residents' Registration Office within 14 days.

Deregistration with the old municipality of residence must usually also take place within this period.

The canton of Thurgau, as well as some other cantons, offer the online solution eUmzug for registration or deregistration.

Registration at the counter

Of course, you can also register in person at the Residents' Registration Office. Weekly residents (persons who stay overnight at the place of work on working days), Swiss citizens living abroad and foreign nationals must register in person at the Residents' Registration Office.

  • Documents that foreign nationals must submit
    • Passport
    • Foreigner's identity card or assurance
    • Marriage certificate or family record book
    • Birth certificate for underage children, possibly custody arrangement
    • Proof of current health insurance
    • Tenancy agreement

    Anyone who does not have an existing foreigner's identity card or a written assurance must also bring the completed cantonal application form 1 ( Gesuchsformular 1, German ) with them, in addition to the documents in accordance with the information sheet.

    Overview of entry and residence, information sheets, Canton Thurgau (German)

Energy purchase

Registration with Energie Kreuzlingen is required for the purchase of energy and water.