Naturalisation procedure - Acquisition of Swiss citizenship

The naturalisation procedure has three stages. A person acquires Swiss citizenship after being granted municipal citizenship, federal citizenship and cantonal citizenship.

The naturalisation commission is responsible for the procedure in the city of Kreuzlingen. The acquisition of Swiss citizenship in the city of Kreuzlingen is governed by federal, cantonal and municipal laws, ordinances and regulations.

Regular naturalisation

This procedure is aimed at all foreign nationals who have generally lived in Switzerland for at least ten years and hold a C settlement permit. The first step in the naturalisation process is usually a consultation at the Kreuzlingen City Chancellery. Appointments can be made by telephone or in person.

Further information on the regular naturalisation procedure can be found on the website of the Canton of Thurgau (German) .

Facilitated naturalisation

Foreigners who meet special requirements can go through a simplified procedure to obtain citizenship. The Office of the Commercial Register and Civil Status (German) in Frauenfeld is responsible for the procedure in the canton of Thurgau.